4 Locations A Retail Store Should Place Cameras

September 8th, 2022

Security is important in the retail industry. Customers come in and out of the store all day and some of them plan on leaving without paying. Retail businesses in Tampa, FL also tend to have a higher turnover rate than most other industries, which means you can’t always count on employee loyalty and you often have to choose new employees who aren’t as hardworking or honest as you might like. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to counteract these issues like placing security cameras in strategic locations.

1. In The Back Of The Store

Your store needs to have a lot of long, high shelves if you want to maximize your sales area. However, these shelves block line of sight and can make it hard for you and your employees to see what your customers are doing. Security cameras placed in the back corners of your store will give you a better angle that shows you where people are and what they’re doing. If a customer or employee decides to stuff a few items into a backpack you’ll be able to spot them and do something about it.

2. In The Parking Lot 

Parking lots can be surprisingly dangerous places in Tampa, FL, especially after dark. A lot of cars and pedestrians are walking through a small space, after all, and sometimes people get careless and accidents happen. A good set of streetlights can improve visibility and keep these accidents to a minimum, but it also helps to set up a camera or two to watch over the area. Not only can security cameras prove who’s at fault when an accident happens, they can also protect you from liability if someone decides to sue you for property negligence.

3. Near Point-Of-Sale Devices

Your point-of-sale device is one of the most important locations in the whole store. Money changes hands here, cashiers scan products, and every legitimate sale interacts with these devices at least once. Placing a camera at the point-of-sale device will let you keep track of what your employees are doing and get a good look at each customer before they leave. This camera can also capture a robber’s face if they hold up your cashier.

4. In The Stockroom

A dishonest employee is just as likely to steal from the back as they are from the sales floor, especially if no one else is around to watch them. That’s why it helps to put a camera in the back that can always watch and keep track of the stock. The best place to put stockroom cameras is near the entrances and exits since you can always count the boxes on the shelves yourself.

Small businesses can only afford to spend so much on security, but these days a good set of HD cameras and a recording setup doesn’t cost a lot of money. Still, you should be careful how you spend your budget so you can make the most of it. If you need expert advice, be sure to contact a security company in Tampa, FL that understands your needs.

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