Can Video Surveillance Nip Employee Theft Issues In The Bud?

January 10th, 2022

A lot of people overlook particular security problems in the workplace. For instance, some folks believe that potential threats are likely only to come from outside sources. These persons are right to a degree, as there are shoplifters, burglars, and even vandals that can be menacing. However, there is one internal issue, employee theft, that must be addressed by Tampa business owners. Why?

Well, for one, nobody wants dishonest employees working for them. The assets that they are putting in their pockets, downloading to a flash drive, or placing in a briefcase are company property. As more and more things go missing, the organization has to replenish the stocks continually, which winds up taking money for raises and benefits away from everybody. Additionally, if items disappear over and over again for an extended period, the damage will be significant. So much so that the Tampa business may have to shut their doors for good.

Anyone that is still not convinced employee theft is a huge deal should continue reading. Recent studies reveal that this issue costs businesses between $20 and $50 billion annually. Hence, as anyone can see, Tampa owners can't afford to sit back and do nothing.

Larceny Is The Most Common Type Of Employee Theft

Larceny comes in different shapes and sizes. It ranges from misdemeanors to felony thefts. In other words, workers steal money and property from employers without anyone being the wiser. Misdemeanors happen when an individual takes items that don't belong to them from the company or a co-worker. What do they take? Usually, the person steals petty things such as office supplies, inventory, or small amounts of cash.

On other occasions, the problem is more substantial. It becomes a felony when an employee takes over $1,000 worth of goods or money. Punishments for larceny typically include job termination, imprisonment, fines, and community service. However, without video surveillance, there may not be any evidence to prove wrongdoing.

Catch Thieves In The Act With Security Cameras

Today's devices capture images clearly and precisely. The days of grainy footage that CCTV systems used to provide are in the past. Point the cameras in places where money exchanges hands, valuables are stored, and products are kept. Don't forget about the office supply closet as well. Many times, just having surveillance equipment deters workers from stealing. Should they decide to go through with the deed anyway though, the recorded video will provide the owner with all of the proof they need to take action.

Cams Protect Your Employees Too

If the cameras are installed in inconspicuous locations, where workers do not know where they are or which way they are facing, they will be less inclined to steal from their co-workers. Plus, the devices can stop other inappropriate activities from happening as well such as bullying, sexual harassment, and violence. Once again, if persons decide to do these things anyway, the owner will have indisputable video evidence to confront the guilty party.

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