Effective Ways Of Disguising Your Hidden Security Cameras

June 22nd, 2022

While placing your security cameras in plain sight can be a great deterrent for crime, there are also some benefits to hiding your security cameras as well. Hidden security cameras can go a long way in preventing a burglar from attempting to disarm them, all the while recording footage of what they are doing on your property.

Camera Placement

With hidden cameras, you can better monitor your Tampa home in real-time. To do this more effectively, you will quickly find that strategic camera placement is essential.

You should install your hidden security cameras in some of the more sensible areas of the home including the living room and kitchen and other often-used areas.

The cameras should also be placed in areas that allow for more than sufficient lighting and should be positioned to capture wider angles for complete coverage of the home.

When you take the time to better position your cameras, you can better identify and respond to any incidents that may be occurring in the home. Some situations the hidden cameras may prove to be useful for include:

  • When you are using a babysitter in the home for your children
  • When you have a healthcare provider visit the home to care for an elderly patient
  • When you suspect a visitor of stealing items
  • When any of your alarms are triggered
  • And when uninvited people enter the home

Disguised Hiding Places

You can also place your hidden cameras in areas where they can naturally blend in with their surroundings. They are much less likely to be discovered this way.

Some good places to disguise your cameras include:

  • Flower pots and vases
  • High up on curtain rods
  • Inside the shelves or cabinets of your entertainment center
  • Surrounded by books on your shelf or mantle
  • Inside and around a medicine cabinet like inside a box of toothpaste
  • Inside a plush toy or another toy
  • Inside a tissue box

Keeping in Line with Regulations

Before you install any of these cameras in your home, however, it is important to understand the state laws regarding unauthorized video surveillance in Tampa. There are some states that require that you obtain consent before recording and also prohibit the installation of security cameras in sensitive and private areas like the bathroom.

So, before you do anything, make sure to brush up on the laws and regulations in your area to ensure that you are in compliance and are protecting your home in a legal fashion.

Finding an Expert

Once this is done, it is time to look for security cameras that will work well in your home for your purposes. For this, get in touch with an experienced security company in your area so they can go over the kinds of cameras you can use in the home.

They will be able to fill you in on what kind of cameras would work best in different areas of your home and they can also discuss the benefits of a full surveillance system for the home to offer your family and property even more in the way of security and protection.

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