If Your Security System Is Old Consider An Upgrade

July 20th, 2022

Security for a home or business in Tampa, FL can be an essential piece of defense in protecting property. A good security system can foil crimes from running too long, help investigators track down criminals through surveillance evidence or even prevent a crime from happening at all through the deterrence factor.

But security systems, like any piece of technology, can be quickly outclassed by newer, modernized systems. If you’ve been using the same security system for years—or worse yet, decades—you should think about investing in an upgrade for the following reasons.

Save Money

There’s the adage “You’ve got to spend money to make money,” but sometimes you need to spend money to save money. A very old security camera system is a perfect example of how an investment can result in big savings year on year.

Very old CCTV systems are wired and require running individual cables to individual monitors in a dedicated security camera room. These monitors are all expensive to repair, and an additional expenditure is required to pay for video cassettes to store footage on.

A new security camera system in Tampa, FL is not only wireless, but it can also do away with the need to maintain a security room, diverting all camera footage to one computer, storing footage either on a hard drive or even online. All of this means more savings.

More Control & Convenience

Older security systems, especially analog systems without any digital features, can’t compete with the convenience of digital systems. On an old fashioned CCTV system, if you want to review footage of what your cameras have seen, you need to go to your security room and review the tape that has recorded footage for the period you’re interested in.

A new digital system can store the images online if you like. This means if you want to review old footage, or even see live footage, you only need to pull out a smartphone with a data plan, access your security app, and view your footage.

Get Better Results

Older surveillance systems lack the “bells and whistles” of newer systems. New alarms, for example, now have motion detection capabilities that older mechanical systems lack. And when it comes to new camera systems, features that used to be high tech military specifications, such as night vision or even infra-red are now affordable for consumers.

Perhaps more importantly, however, is that power and resolution have gone up considerably. Older CCTV cameras recorded images at a very low, blurry resolution, often only in black and white. New cameras are in color, at high definition and now “Ultra HD” or 4K resolutions, which makes them sharp, crisp and able to record important details like license plate numbers, or the lettering on clothing, as well as facial and skin details.

So if you have a security system protecting your home or business here in Tampa, FL, and it’s an older system, think about an upgrade. Contact us and let us help you modernize your security system into something cost-effective, more convenient, and with higher performance.

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