Keep Your Restaurant Safe And Sound With These Tips

January 6th, 2022

People choose to get into the restaurant industry for various reasons. Some folks decide to invest in a chain to reap the benefits of an organization's brand and name. Meanwhile, others elect to go in a different direction with a startup. Regardless of what type of establishment Tampa restaurant owners have, they need to take certain steps to protect their employees, patrons, and assets.

Of course, individuals need to purchase insurance and take common sense safety measures. However, there are other things owners can do to cut down on robberies, employee thefts, and even fraud. So, read further if you want to ensure that your Tampa restaurant remains safe and secure throughout the year.

Keep An Eye On Your Employees With Security Cameras

According to an article from the University of Massachusetts, the United States Chamber of Commerce estimates that the food service industry loses between $40 and $400-billion annually due to employee thefts. The paper goes on to say that these instances contribute to 50-percent of small business failures. Hence, the question Tampa restaurant owners should be asking themselves is, can they afford to sit back and do nothing?

The answer is likely no as sales figures and profits can dwindle away in no time if one or two bad apples are stealing. It is a good idea to install cameras monitoring cash registers as well as tables where patrons pay. Your employees can easily slip a few bucks here or there without anybody being the wiser. So, consider installing security equipment to keep an eye on things and see if your money is disappearing.

Use Security Cameras To Protect Your Restaurant Against Fraudulent Claims

Not everybody in this world is trying to get something over on someone else. However, in the same token, there are many people out there attempting to do just that. Drinks get spilled, food gets dropped, and even grease lands on a restaurant's floor from time to time. These items pose a slip risk, but employees usually do their best to get them cleaned up before anything happens. It is not uncommon for persons that think nobody is watching to pour liquid on the floor, lie down, and claim they fell due to the substance though.

They are looking for an easy payday, and on many occasions, they get it simply because the organization does not have any proof to dispute the claim. Surveillance cameras can keep these events at bay. The monitor merely has to take a peek at the footage to catch the dishonest person in the act.

Don't Forget To Safeguard Yourself And Employees During Vulnerable Times

There is typically no way of knowing when a robbery will take place. For instance, they can happen during the day, but burglars tend to regularly strike at the opening or closing of the business day. Therefore, a single worker should never be left alone. Whether they are opening or closing the restaurant, going on a bank run, or making deliveries, it is best to make sure employees do so in pairs. Also, there needs to be a designated safe room where staff can hide and contact the police if an emergency occurs.

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