Managing Employee Theft

January 27th, 2023

A statistic that no business owner of Tampa, FL wants to believe is that a shocking number of employees admit to employee theft. These thefts can involve time, money, or goods, and they all cost businesses of the United States billions of dollars each year. Dealing with employee theft is sensitive and difficult, and no business owner wants to believe that their own team would wish to steal from them. For small to medium-sized businesses, in particular, a lot of trust is placed in your employee team, and employee theft can be devastating if left unchecked. 

Managing employee theft is something that should be done carefully and with consideration of how employee theft will be viewed in the future. Knowing the steps to take to effectively manage employee theft is important, and businesses of Tampa, FL should have protocols in place to address these instances of theft going forward. 

The Steps To Effectively Manage Employee Theft 

Managing employee theft involves a process, and this process should include: 

  1. First, evaluate your situation – Employee theft is serious, and it’s something that shouldn’t involve jumping to conclusions. If you suspect employee theft at your Tampa, FL business, first carefully evaluate the situation and be careful not to point any fingers. If something was taken, consider that taking the item could have been a mistake, and use your security camera footage to determine if you can catch the event in the act. 

  1. Conduct an investigation – If you’re unable to catch the event on your security camera footage, conduct an investigation to determine just what went on. Gather evidence and statements from any witnesses, collect any relevant documents, and carefully document any findings to organize your employee theft case. 

  1. Know the law and consider the consequence – Surveillance in certain areas of your business may be illegal, and employees should always be aware that there are security cameras watching them at work. Make sure any investigation is done in accordance with the law, and if the employee is caught, consider their consequence. Consequences may range from termination, for cases where wrongdoing was known, or employee training if the employee theft may have been accidental. 

  1. Future prevention – After employee theft occurs, steps should be taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Improving your security approach is an excellent tool in future prevention, as is improving your employee training protocols so employees are always kept aware of any rules that may be in place. 

Better Security Against Employee Theft 

Improving your security is your front line defense against instances of employee theft. Security strategies should be multi-layered, and our professionals have just the knowledge and experience to ensure your security fits your area business. If you’re in the market for better security to protect your business, and its employees, against instances of theft, we have just what you need. Call us today to see how our security technologies and professional installation can safeguard your area business from the inside out. 

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