Things To Remember Before Installing Outdoor and Indoor Security Cameras

January 19th, 2023

So, you have finally decided which security camera is best for your property in Tampa. You probably already sketched a rough draft of your home’s layout or otherwise printed your property’s blueprint so you could plot the specific spots to put your surveillance cameras. 

Now is the time for you to take note of some security camera installation guidelines before diving into the process.

Guidelines for Installing Security Cameras Outdoors

When Possible, Choose Security Cameras With Waterproofing and Weatherproofing

High-quality outdoor security cameras will have enough waterproofing, as well as weatherproofing. Whenever possible, whether you choose to go for top-of-the-line or a more budget-friendly unit, it is wise to install your cameras under some roofing or in another area with some bit of protection.

Set-up your security cameras between eight (8) to ten (10) feet above the ground

Placing your camera between 8-10 feet away from the ground gives you a good vantage point. This is because anything between 8-10 feet will be at an ideal height to capture smaller details, but also high enough so that it would not be tampered with by burglars and trespassers. 

Do not have your security cameras face direct sunlight

Bright light direct from the sun could cause your video footage to have high contrast and may also produce unwanted glare that could wash out your security video footage. You might have some difficulty seeing details in the videos because of the glare and high contrast, so it is best to fix your camera’s angle in such a way that it does not face the sunlight. 

Choose: You Can either hide your camera or keep it visible 

Visible, and hidden security cameras have their respective pros and cons.  There is a chance that you discourage prying trespassers or thieves when you decide to keep your surveillance camera visible. However, on the flip side, thieves or other people with ill-intentions could have the mind to vandalize or break your equipment. Whatever you decide to do, housing your camera in durable casing or hardware will give it an added layer of protection.   

Guidelines for Installing Security Cameras Indoors

Do not point your cameras at glass windows and doors

As much as possible, it is also discouraged to have your camera face big windows or wide glass doors. This is because doing so might cause reflection issues in your footage. However, if you truly need to point your security camera out the window of your choosing, aim for the lens to positioned as close as possible to the glass surface, which may keep the glare under control. 

Angle your cameras towards indirect light

Take note of light fixtures on the ceiling, floor or table lamps and other lighting stuff you have indoors. As discussed, cameras facing direct light will get you poor quality, washed-out footage. 

Place your cameras in the corners of your rooms

The top corners of any space in your house will often cover a big portion of your room. 

Choose security cameras that are appropriate for FL climate so you could get the most out of your investment. Contact us if you are looking for reliable security camera retailers near ((blog city, blog state)).

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